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Modelling Glossary I - L
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 Post subject: Modelling Glossary I - L
PostPosted: April 14th, 2011, 9:14 pm 

Injection moulding
A process used to make plastic model kits. Plastic is melted at high temperature and poured into a mould, where it flows into the shape of the kit parts to form a sprue.

A system devised to recreate Authentic colours by mixing existing colours according to a specific recipe, thus allowing the creation of a wider range of colours.

Iso Propyl Alcohol. Used to dilute paint, in order to make it suitable for airbrush use, (amongst other things).
NOT India Pale Ale, (although this would also dilute acrylic paints, at least).

International Plastic Modellers' Society.

The UK branch of the IPMS

In Register, as opposed to OOR. This means that all of the colours of the decal are where they should be.


Just *Flipping* Do It! Pull the finger out. Stop pontificating. Cease the procrastination and get on with it. Regardless.

Joyless Modelling Nazi; Someone who obsessively fusses about every detail on their model. What keeps this person apart from anyone with simple AMS is their general intolerance of the modelling abilities and results of others.
NOT to be confused with Rivet Counter.


A small but prominent decal that, after floating free of the paper in the water after 0.1 seconds, attaches itself to your fingertip, tweezers, bench, and clothing before finally clinging limpet like to your model. Upside down.

(Johnson’s) An acrylic floor polish, having very many uses within modelling. Examples include settling decals, gluing transparencies and providing a glossy coat, ranging from a high gloss, down to a satin finish, depending upon the number of coats applied. (The more coats, the glossier the finish). Klear is also brilliant for restoring canopies to a shine and protects parts.

A Kleenex Kit
A box of issues...a troublesome kit, something challenging...etc.. ;-)


Local Hobby Shop. American English for LMS (qv)

The stability of a colour, determined experimentally under UV light. Coloured pigments can fade due to attack by UV rays from the sun, which causes a chemical reaction within the pigment and a change in its structure which appears as gradual fading over a period of time.

Limited run
Short for 'limited run injection moulding', a process whereby kits are cast in moulds with a shorter useful life span. Kits are usually of comparable quality, although sprue gates may be heavier. Frequently provided with vacform canopies.

Liquid Poly
A solvent-based cement suitable for plastic model kits. The product is a low viscosity version of Polycement to enable application by brush, giving it greater versatility.

Local Modelling Shop

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