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Whole chunks of real life...scaled down, figures in all scales...even footballers!
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French Grenadier 1815

February 5th, 2018, 7:05 pm

This kit was originally tooled in 1973 and was released from 1973 to 1978, briefly in 1980, and again from 1991 to 1994. This is packaged in a blister pack. The instructions are printed on the reverse, with assembly in 6 sections. The moulded parts are in white plastic. There is some flash, but details are well depicted, and two sheets of thin plastic card are included for the belts and straps. Options include parade or campaign uniforms and the possibility of making different poses. In addition, this kit has excellent conversion possibilities.

During the 1815 campaign the Foot Grenadiers were organised into two battalions, each having four companies of 150 men plus 10 officers (1er and 2e Batallions, 1er Régiment de Grenadiers (Old Guard) 1280 officers and men). Uniform consisted of a bearskin with a semi-circular bronze plate, white cords, red plume, red top patch with yellow (white) grenade. Special blue-within red-within white cockade with gold crowned eagle at the centre. Dark blue coat and collar, white lapels and three-pointed cuff flaps, red cuffs and turnbacks, red, fringed epaulettes, white small clothes and belts, gold grenades on the turnbacks. Brass buttons; white and black gaiters, blue great coat and forage cap with white piping, orange lace edging turnup and orange grenade edged white in front; cartridge box with bronze/brass eagle and small grenade in each corner.


My picture has the head of the 42nd Highlander in error
Luckily I have swapped them before assembly starts
Flesh sprayed
Andrea Color 1st Shadow = primary flesh
Andrea Color 2nd Shadow = secondary flesh
Andrea Color 1st Base = third skin spray and ninth skin tone
Andrea Color 2nd Base = fourth skin spray
Andrea Color 1st Light = fifth skin tone
Andrea Color 2nd Light = sixth skin tone
Vallejo Model Color 19 70927 Dark Flesh FS32555 = seventh skin tone
Vallejo Model Color 20 70845 Sunny Skintone = eighth skin tone

Re: French Grenadier 1815

February 7th, 2018, 8:00 pm

A little assembly

Re: French Grenadier 1815

February 8th, 2018, 4:36 am

Vive Le Grenadier.


Re: French Grenadier 1815

February 9th, 2018, 6:54 pm

Cheers Nigel :grin:
Vallejo Model Color 31 70957 Flat Red = top patch
Vallejo Model Color 1 70951 White = small clothes,
Vallejo Model Color 53 70930 Dark Blue = coat
Vallejo Model Color 169 70950 Black = bearskin, shoes, ammunition pouch, scabbard, frog
Vallejo Model Color 1 70951 White = lapels, cuff flaps, belts, cords

Re: French Grenadier 1815

February 15th, 2018, 6:25 pm

Assembly and painting progressed hand in hand. The parts not used in this build were added to my spares for use on future projects.
Vallejo Model Color 49 70807 Oxford Blue / Vallejo Model Color 50 70899 Dark Prussia Blue = great-coat
Vallejo Model Color 131 70981 Orange Brown = calfskin pack
Vallejo Model Color 149 70872 Chocolate Brown = musket stock
Humbrol Acrylic 25 Matt Blue = forage cap
Vallejo Model Color 33 70926 Red = cuffs, turnbacks, fringed epaulettes, plume, top patch

Re: French Grenadier 1815

February 16th, 2018, 3:52 pm

ImageDSC_0001 by Richard Linnell, on Flickr
Construction complete, ready for the groundwork

Re: French Grenadier 1815

February 17th, 2018, 2:02 am



Re: French Grenadier 1815

February 17th, 2018, 3:22 pm

Very good! I wish I had your patience and afternoon to detail to be able to do so many figures!

BTW are you related to the timber merchants in Silverstone n't any chance?

Re: French Grenadier 1815

February 18th, 2018, 9:39 am

Cheers buddy :grin:

My great grandfather was born in Silverstone in 1881 and moved to Northampton in 1911. Three generations before him came from Silverstone so its possible we're related :roll:
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