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An Index to all UAMF Group Builds through 2017
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 Post subject: An Index to all UAMF Group Builds through 2017
PostPosted: December 23rd, 2017, 9:52 pm 
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Although we have all prior GBs online, this provides an index to them, with the idea that it might be easier to look through here for a particular GB or subject to get ideas for a new GB, etc.

Please note that while armor, ship, sci-fi, etc, GBs appear rather thin compared to aircraft, there are many GBs in the first section (Historical, etc) with non-aircraft builds - do a bit of looking about,

This list will be updated at the end of each year. Any questions, comments, corrections - please PM me.

Menu (click to pick)

Blitzbau GBs. UAMF's Signature Event. Not just aircraft builds, but always FUN !

Blitzbau I..V.(2007-2009)
Blitzbau VI.(2010)
Blitzbau VII.(2010)
Blitzbau VIII.(2011)
Blitzbau IX.(2011)
Blitzbau X.(2012)
Blitzbau XI.(2012)
Blitzbau XII.(2013)
Blitzbau XIII.(2013)
Blitzbau XIV.(2014)
Blitzbau XV.(2014)
Blitzbau XVI.(2015)
Blitzbau XVII.(2015)
Blitzbau XVIII.(2016)
Blitzbau XIX.(2016)
Blitzbau XX.(2017)
Blitzbau XXI.(2017)

Historical, multi-/cross-class, and other things

World War 1:
The Guns of August GB.(2014) World War 1, any subject 1914-1918.

Between the Wars:
'Tween Wars Aircraft GB.(2014) Jan 1919 - Aug 1939, military or civilian. (air)
'tween the Wars.(2016) Anything air, ground, sea between 28/06/19 and 01/09/39 etc (air,mil,auto,civ)

Spanish Civil War:
The Spanish Civil War.(2013) Each side, air & armor.

World War 2:
Air Raid Pearl Harbor! This is no drill! GB.(2011) Celebrating the 70th Anniversary. (air,sea)
Pearl Harbor GB II..(2016) Celebrating 5 years since the last one. (air,sea)
Battle of Britain 75th Anniversary GB.(2015) Participants during 10 July - 31 October 1940. (air,dio)
Imperial Japanese GB.(2008) Hardware from Japan, WWII. (air,sea,mil)
Kursk, 70th Anniversary GB .(2013) 70th Anniversary of Operation Citadel, the battle of Kursk. (air,mil)
D-Day, 70th Anniversary GB .(2014) Focused specifically on units and equipment of both sides on June 6th 1944. (air,mil,ship)
The Lend-Lease Equipment GB.(2012) For equipment under the Allied Lend-Lease programs of WW2. (air,sea,mil)

Cold War:
Iron Curtain GB.(2014) Any equipment used by satellite countries of the USSR until the breakup in 1989.

The Middle East:
Operation Musketeer 60th Anniv.(2016) Anything air, ground, sea in the Suez Crisis. (air,mil)

Falklands Commemorative GB.(2007) 25th Anniversary of the Falklands Conflict. (air,sea)
The Falklands War GB II.(2012) 30th Anniversary of the Falklands Conflict.

Bearcat to Tomcat: The Vietnam GB.(2011) Any subject that operated over, in, around Vietnam during the 1st or 2nd Indochina Wars, 1946-75. (air,mil)
Vietnam II GB.(2013) Any subject, any kit, any scale in country March 1965 to March 1973. (air,mil).

Desert Shield/Storm and beyond:
Desert Storm 25th Anniv.(2016) Any subject used in Desert Storm in its markings from that campaign. (air)

Geographical focus:
Scandinavian Theme GB.(2017) Air, land, or sea, military or civil.

Model(ling) focus:

Alan Hall Tribute GB.(2009) Any conversion done "old school" - balsa, crash-mold, plasticard, etc. (ICW ATF & BM).

Airfix Starter Kit GB.(2010) Test drive some of the new Airfix Starter Kits.
Airfix Superkit GB.(2008) Featuring the Airfix 1/24 scale "superkits".
Classic Airfix GB.(2015) Loosely pre-Hornby, pre-RedBox (unless a re-pop)

FROG Kit GB.(2007) Celebrating the World of Classic FROG (aircraft).
FROG Kit GB II.(2014) Celebrating the World of Classic FROG models.
Spin-A-Prop GB.(2010) Powered by FROG Spin-a-Prop motors, but not all are FROG kits!

The Maurice Landi Matchbox GB.(2007) Celebrates the works of Mr Maurice Landi, kit designer for Matchbox, who sadly passed away this year. (air,sea,mil)
The Ted Taylor Tribute Matchbox II GB.(2013) Celebrates the contributions of Mr Ted Taylor, who sadly passed away this year. (air,auto,mil)
Classic Matchbox Kits.(2017) Enough said, other than YAY!!

Classic American Kits GB.(2008) Celebrating American Classic Kits. (air)
Classic American Kits GB II.(2010) Celebrating American Classic Kits. (air,veh)
Monogram Kits GB.(2014) Celebrating Monogram kits. (air,mil,veh)

Hobby Boss Kits GB.(2015) The world of Hobby Boss kits (aircraft).
PM Models GB.(2013) The world of PM Model kits (aircraft).

1/144 GB.(2008) Intended to introduce the delights of 1/144 scale. (air)
1/144 GB II.(2012) Kits in 1/144 scale. (air, whiff)

Large Scale Planes Extended GB.(2016) 3 months to build an aeroplane kit, any scale 1/35 or larger. (air)

Rare & Golden Oldies.(2017) Pre-1980 kit/boxing, preferably hard to get ahold of ...

Resin GB I.(2008) Intended to introduce modelling with resin kits (air,mil,scifi)
Paper Models GB.(2014) Intended to introduce modeling with card/paper kits (air,mil,sea,scifi)
Vac-form Kits GB.(2015) Intended to introduce modeling with vac-formed kits (air)

One thing to another.(2016) A conversion of one thing to another. (air,mil,fig)

Others, maybe not so focused, but still fun:

Anti-Shipping GB.(2011) Things that attack shipping. (air,sea)
The Bug House GB.(2012) Any 'insect-named' subjects -- air, ground, sea, even real insect figures. (air,mil)
The Captured Equipment GB.(2011) Any military equipment pressed into service of the other side. (air,mil)
Cargo Haulers.(2017) Land, sea, or air vehicles that move cargo or people.
Dogfight Double GB.(2015) Any pairing of machines which fought each other. (air,mil,scifi,etc)
Museum Displays GB.(2014) Models, or parts thereof, built and shown as in a museum display. (air,etc)
Screen Stars GB.(2014-2015) Stars - lead or supporting - man, beast, thing - of the small or large screen. (everything)
Wild Weather GB.(2013) Anything that carries the name of a weather event. (air,etc)

"C"ompact "D"iorama GB.(2015/16) Build anything, preferably a small scene, that fits completely in the circumference of a CD. (many)
One for the Books.(2017) Anything out of a book or comic, action scenes preferred.

Modellin' Mojo GB.(2011) Get your mojo back with a low-stress, big-fun GB of kits with a low-part count built OOB. (air,sea,veh,space)

2012/13 Secret Santa GB.(2012/13) Part 2 of a Secret Santa gift exchange where everyone builds what they received. (air,mil,misc)
2013/14 Secret Santa GB.(2013/14) Our second one. (air,mil,misc)
2015/16 Secret Santa GB.(2015/16) Our third one. (air,mil,misc)

The Great M-J GB.(2007) A 'thank you' to Merlin Jones creation of the CBK and the 1977 SMW display. (air)
Coldplay/Finnski Tribute GB.(2010) Celebrate Finnski's Return from a serious illness. (air)
UAMF 10th Anniversary.(2016) Anything with a 10 in the name or markings.

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Real space, Sci-Fi, and What-iffery GBs

Sci-Fi GB.(2010) Says it all, the First UAMF Sci-Fi GB.
Sci-Fi GB II.(2011) And the second one.
Sci-Fi GB III.(2014) "There is another..."
Airfix Angel Interceptor SKGB.(2011) The Airfix Angel Interceptor Single-Kit GB.
Apollo 11 GB.(2013) Celebrating Neil Armstrong & Apollo 11.
Biggles Does a Group Build.(2014) Need you even ask ?
What If ? Aircraft GB.(2015) Aircraft in non-historic markings or just didn't exist but could have ... or something ...
Any type Whiffery.(2016) Any type model, must have a story, imaginations run wild.

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Tank, AFV, and other Military Model GBs

Military Support Vehicles GB.(2013) For vehicles that stand behind and support the fighting vehicles. (mil,sea)
The Mud Movers Moot GB.(2011) A quick GB, organised to bring out the Treadhead in us all.
The Small Scale Armour GB.(2013) For the 1/72-76 kit range.
Tanks for the Memories GB.(2014) For armored fighting vehicles.

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Ship, Boat, and Submarine GBs

Down to the Sea in Ships GB.(2012) UAMF's first nautical GB.
Nautical GB II.(2015) Our 2nd sea-going GB, for any ship, any scale, etc.
Royal Navy Ships.(2016) Any era, any kit as long as it is a Royal Navy Ship (or boat I guess).

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Car, Truck, Bike, and other Civvie Vehicle GBs

Aero-themed Autos GB.(2013) Autos decorated as aircraft, most all markings are historic.
The Civvie Cars GB.(2010) As it says.
The Two-wheeled GB.(2010) Motorcycles.
Wheels Go 'round GB.(2012) Automobiles and other.

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Figure and Diorama GBs

"C"ompact "D"iorama GB.(2015/16) Build anything, preferably a small scene, that fits completely in the circumference of a CD. (many)
One for the Books.(2017) Anything out of a book or comic, action scenes preferred.

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Aviation Modelling GBs

Specific Aircraft, roughly alphabetic order by aircraft name:

The P-39 Airacobra GB.(2012) A single-type GB for the P-39 Airacobra (and P-400) in any scale, boxing, etc.

A6M 'Zero Fighter'.(2017) Any Zero/variant/derivative, any kit, scale, etc.

Beau GB.(2007) Beauforts and Beaufighters.
Beau Jest - The Airfix Beaufighter SKGB.(2010) The Airfix 1/72 Bristol Beaufighter Single Kit GB.
Airfix Blenheim SKGB.(2010) The Airfix 1/72 Blenheim IV Single Kit GB.

Sopwith Camel Centenary.(2017) Everyone's got the Hump! Any kit, scale, etc ...
Cessna Bird Dog SKGB.(2011) The Airfix 1/72 Cessna Bird Dog Single Kit GB.
Airfix Chipmunk SKGB.(2007) The Airfix 1/72 DHC Chipmunk Single Kit GB.
F4U Corsair "Bent Wing Bird".(2016) Any F4U, any kit, scale, markings, even the Goodyear version.

Dakota GB.(2006) All forms of DC-3.
The DC-3 GB.(2011) Celebrate the C-47/DC-3.
Airfix Defiant SKGB.(2012) The venerable Airfix Defiant 1/72 Single Kit GB.
SAAB Draken GB.(2006) SAAB Draken

Airfix 1/72 Bf109E SKGB.(2013) For the new-tool Bf109 kit.
Augsburg Eagles GB.(2014) The Messerschmitt Bf-109 in any scale, boxing, etc.
'109 Single Type GB.(2017) The ME/Bf-109 in any variant, kit, or scale.

B-17 Flying Fortress GB. (2013) No intro necessary.

Fokker Triplane Centenary.(2017) 100th year of Dr.I in operation; any kit, scale, etc ...

Gnat's the Spirit!.(2012) Single-kit GB of the new-tool/release 1/72 Folland Gnat.

Airfix Hampden SKGB.(2011) The Airfix 1/72 Hampden Single Kit GB.
Harrier.(2016) Any Harrier kit, any scale ...
Hunter GB.(2006) All forms of Hawker Hunter.
Revell Hawker Hunter GB.(2009) A two-kit Single Kit Build of the Revell 1/72 Hawker Hunter kit.
Hurricane GB.(2007) Hurricanes.
Hawker Hurricane GB.(2014) Hurricanes again.
Hawker Hurricane GB.(2015) Hurricanes again again.

Lancaster GB.(2006) All forms of Lancaster.
The Lancaster Production Line GB.(2009) Everything from Manchester to Shackleton.
Avro Lancaster GB.(2006) Any kit, scale, markings ...
Lysander GB.(2006) Any Lysander kit.

Gloster Meteor, 70th Anniversary GB.(2013) Honoring the Gloster Meteor, any kit, any scale.
MiG-21 GB.(2014). Any MiG-21 kit, scale, etc..
Mirage III Family GB.(2013) Any of the Mirage III family.
Mosquito GB.(2007) Any Mossie.
Airfix Mossie SKGB.(2010) The Airfix 1/72 Mosquito Single Kit GB.
Mustang Anniversary GB.(2013) Any Mustang, to celebrate the 70th anniversary of introduction to in the ETO.
P-51 Mustang.(2016) Any Mustang, any kit, scale, markings, etc.

Phantom GB.(2007) British Phantoms.
Phabulous Phantom Phart II.(2010) Celebration of the mighty spook.
Airfix BAC Jet Provost T5/Strikemaster SKGB.(2008) The Airfix 1/72 BAC Jet Provost T5/Strikemaster Single Kit GB .

Rattlin' Sabres.(2011) Celebrating 60 years of the North American Sabre.
Sea Fury GB.(2012) Any kit of the Hawker Sea Fury.
PM Sea Fury SKGB.(2015) The PM Sea Fury 1/72 kit.
Avro Shackleton GB.(2014) Rivets all flying in loose formation.

Spitfire GB.(2006) Any Spitfire, any scale.
Airfix Spitfire 22/24 & Seafire 46/47 GB.(2009) Featuring the great Airfix 1/48 Spitfire kits.
Heller Spitfire XVI SKGB.(2012) Featuring the Heller Spitfire XVI kit.
Spitfire & Seafire GB.(2013) Post-war models in 1/72 scale.
You Can Never Have Too Many GB.(2014) If you must ask, it's Spitfires of course.
YCNHTM Spitfies GB.(2015) If you must ask, it's Spitfires of course - again.
Edgar Brooks Memorial - Every Mark of Spitfire.(2016) Honoring the Spitfire expert by building every mark of Spitfire.

The Classic Swordfish GB.(2011) Swordfish by Airfix, Matchbox, or FROG, all uniquely marked.
The Airfix new-tool Swordfish SKGB.(2013) The superlative new-tool 1/72 Swordfish from Airfix.

N.A. T-6 Texan / Harvard / SNJ GB.(2013) All variants of this famed aircraft, in whatever scale, markings, etc.
Airfix MRCA/Tonka SKGB.(2010) The Airfix 1/72 Panavia Tornado Single-Kit GB, in all 3 versions.
TSR-2 GB.(2014). Any kit, scale, variant, markings, including whiffs.
P-47 Thunderbolt GB.(2015). Any kit, any scale, etc.

Airfix new-tool Vampire T.11 SKGB.(2013) The Airfix new-tool Vampire T.11 Single Kit GB.

Give it some Wellie! SKGB.(2011) The Matchbox 1/72 Wellington Single Kit GB, with Revell reboxes allowed.
Dora! Dora! Dora! The Airfix Fw-190D SKGB.(2011) Leading off with a cute play on words honoring the Pearl Harbor GB, this is the Airfix 1/72 Fw-190D SKGB.

By aircraft type/configuration:

Splashbau GB.(2008) A GB for all flying things that land on water.
Flying Boat GB.(2012) Splashbau II, but for flying boats only.
Water Wings GB.(2015) Seaplanes, floatplanes, and amphibians ... including whiffs.

Silent Flight GB.(2008) It may need motors to get airborne, but once up there ...

Bombing Aircraft.(2017) Aircraft whose primary mission is as a bomber.

Boom! Boom! - Basil Brush's Twin Boom Aircraft GB.(2012)
Twin-prop Fighters GB.(2014)
Twin-prop Bombers GB.(2015)
Four or More Engines GB.(2012) Aircraft with four or more engines.

Early Jets GB.(2012) Early jet aircraft, 1939-1949.
Classic Jets GB.(2014) Pre-1970, aircraft and markings.
Century Fighters GB.(2015) The US Century Fighters, the F-100 to F-106 - any kit, scale, etc.

Helicopter GB.(2009) Featuring the "angry palm tree".
Whirli-birds GB.(2011) Once more, demonstrating the illusion of flight.
Whirli-birds III GB.(2012) Things that won't fly without being flown, back again ....
Whirli-birds IV GB.(2013) and yet again ....
Military Helicopters GB.(2014) Not that the others weren't mostly this, but ....

Prototype GB.(2006)

Commercial Cookup GB.(2008) Civil aircraft.
The Small and Civil/General Aviation GB.(2012)
The Airliner GB.(2015) Any era, scale, kit, etc, as long as they carry passengers.

Naval Aircraft GB.(2014) Any kit, scale, country, navy ....
Naval Air GB II.(2015) Ship-based aircraft - any kit, scale, country ....

Training Aircraft GB.(2015) Training aircraft in training config & markings.

By markings:

Tiger Meet GB II.(2012) Tiger Meet aircraft.
Tiger Meet GB.(2008) Striped aircraft.

Bright & Cheery Aircraft GB.(2014) An effort to get away from drab ol' military schemes.
United Colours GB.(2009) For those spectacular liveries.

Shark Mouth'd Things GB.(2012) Anything with teeth - air, land, sea.
Wulf in Johnson's Clothing GB.(2013) For aircraft in completely different markings.

Country focus:

RAF 90th Anniversary GB.(2008) Celebrating the 90th Anniversary of the RAF, decade by decade.
"Riff RAAF" - The Aussie Wings GB.(2011) Celebrate 90th Anniversary of RAAF, but any aircraft in Aussie markings is OK.

The Ilmavoimat GB.(2009) Featuring the Finnish Air Force.
French-marked Aircraft GB.(2014) Any aircraft in French markings.
Regia Aeronautica GB.(2010) WW2 Italian Air Force subjects.
Swiss Air Force GB.(2014) Celebrating 100 years of Swiss military aviation.

Lesser Known Forces GB.(2015) "Lesser represented countries", with some quirks.(air)
Lesser Represented Countries II.(2016) Any subject from lesser represented countries, no duplicates. (air)

Historical Focus:

Dambusters! 617 Sqn GB.(2013) Any aircraft flown by 617 Squadron.
The Rhubarb GB.(2011) RAF Fighter Command takes the offensive 1941-44.

Korean War GB.(2010) Acknowledging the 60th Anniversary of the Korean Police Action. (air)

Nifty Fifties.(2017) Aircraft of the early 1950's.

Luft '46 - with a twist GB.(2011) Luft '46 projects, but allied "46" allowed also.
Meet the Fokkers GB.(2012) Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of Fokker aircraft.
Focke-Wulf Aircraft GB.(2014) Not just for 190s.
German Jets of WW2 GB.(2015) Any of the German Jets of WW2, real or whatever.

Cessna Aircraft 90th Anniversary.(2017) Any kit, scale, etc ...

de Havilland GB.(2015) any kit, scale, markings, etc ....
MiG Aircraft GB.(2015) Any aircraft from the Mikoyan-Gurevich Design Bureau

Eric 'Winkle' Brown Memorial GB.(2016) Honoring the world's greatest test pilot.

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