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Group/Shared Build Guidelines -- 10 Jan 2018
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 Post subject: Group/Shared Build Guidelines -- 10 Jan 2018
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UAMF offers members a number of choices/venues to build a model - in the always popular Workbench Window, in one of the General Modelling forums, in a formal Group Build or Blitzbau or an informal Shared Build, or in a hosted SIG forum.

UAMF Group & Shared Build Guidelines

Group Builds, Blitzbau, and Shared Builds are managed by the Group Build Coordinator (GBC) and run by Group Build and Shared Build Leaders (GBL, SBL).

Regardless of whether it is a Group Build, BlitzBau, or Shared Build, modellers are encouraged to post an image of their completed model along with a link back to the build thread in the 'The Galleries', the appropriate 'Modelling Forum', and/or their own 'Workbench Window' thread. This enhances visibility to the members and to search engines.

Have FUN, interact with other members, discuss and share modelling techniques - participation by any and all UAMF members is as important as modelling. Frequent updates, questions and comments on others work, some idle chit-chat and some goofing around, all help to make UAMF a community, interesting to all.

Menu (click to pick)
-- Shared Builds (SB)
-- The Blitzbau (BB)
-- Group Builds (GB)
-- GB Procedures
-- GB Polling

Shared Builds (SB)

Shared Builds are small events, less than 6 participants, and may be a place for an undersubscribed Group Build to meet and proceed. SB give members a less "formal" setting to build something together, whether it is the same kit, same theme, whatever, it is up to them … on a schedule agreeable to them … where others may join in the build or not … and record the build in a forum/topic comfortable to them …

The proposer, who will become SBL with duties similar to those of a GBL, should advertise by opening a topic in the Group/Shared Build Chat; try for a meaningful heading and then describe the parameters of the SB such as topic/theme, special rules/criteria, and the proposed timeframe. There are two rules for SB topics - No Pinning and No Polling. Sort out the kit(s), the time-frames, whatever … go forth and build …

It is up to the SBL and participants on where and how they wish to organize except separate sub-forums for SB will not be created. It could be conducted as individual or combined threads in the "Shared Build Workbench" sub-forum, or in an appropriate Modelling Forum, or in each participant's respective Workbench Window.

The SBL should keep the GBC advised so these can be shown on the Calendar, this may garner more interest. At present the SB Workbench will also be the SB Archive, but threads will not be locked upon completion unless the SBL requests or does so. Other than the GB/SB Chat Forum, SB and GB are totally separate, and SB do not count against any GB scheduling limits.

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The Blitzbau (BB) - A signature UAMF event

A Blitzbau is an independent event, not related to SB or GB, run in February and August. They are a calendar month long to enable participants to schedule their 'blitz' (or blitzes) when most convenient.

Each participant is expected to complete a kit of their choice, to a standard of their choosing, in a 24-hour period, with periodic (hourly or so) photo updates. There is a 'senior' (or 'wuss') option that allows the 24-hours to be split into two roughly equal periods with not more than 12 hours, preferably less, between them. There are no exceptions, excuses, extensions.

Extra non-credit karma is given for the clock used, food and drink consumed, music and videos, and other events in/around the work area. Forum Rules still apply !

A Blitzbau is all about participation and chatter from everyone, not just those who might be blitz-ing. It's fun .... try it out, just don't try too much the first time … But it is also fun to push your limits.

The keys to a Blitzbau are Planning and Time Management.
-- Look at your model - instructions, parts, painting, decaling - all you want beforehand.
-- Write down a simple plan; the kit instruction sequence may not be ideal for a Blitz.
-- Ensure you have all the useable paint (look in the pot), tools, glues, and aftermarket you need - before the clock starts.
-- Don't forget that you have to make regular progress posts with pictures and interact with other folks blitzing at the same time.

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Group Builds (GB)

-- The GBL may request exceptions to guidelines for special circumstances, complex subjects, commemorative events, etc.

-- There is no limit on the total number of concurrent GBs (BB, SB do not count), but no more than 3 aircraft specific GBs may run concurrently, regardless of the total.
-- Non-aircraft or mixed GBs are encouraged, 2-3 per year; the GBC will provide "encouragement" as necessary.

-- GBs may be proposed to start anytime within the current calendar year, but not more than 6 months into the next calendar year.
-- SKGB and SSGB of the same or similar kit/subject may not start within 36 months of a previous completion; for AOGB this is 24 months.

-- All GB's must have at least six (6) confirmed and active participants to calendar, conduct, and continue. Undersubscribed GB are good SB candidates.
-- If Calendar conflicts arise, indicated participation may become a determining factor.

-- All GB's officially start and end at Midnight participant's local-time on the given start/end dates.
-- Upon request of the GBL, the GBC may grant reasonable extensions to allow members to complete their model, assuming they have been actively participating throughout the GB. New starts will take priority over extensions if there are calendar conflicts.

-- UAMF GB's begin with un-started kits, unless requested by the GBL. In general, kits should be "barely started", and not more than one or two per GB would be appropriate.

-- The tighter the focus and the timeline, the better. A good theme has all participants working on closely related items. A reasonable but tight timeline, from initial idea to end-of-build, keeps maintain focus and interest. Try to start together, work together, finish together.

-- Please see the Index to UAMF GBs for a list of past GBs for ideas - and for things to not keep bringing up time after time.

Single-Kit GB (SKGB) A Signature UAMF Group Build.
-- Every participant builds exactly the same kit or a verified re-boxing of the selected kit.
-- The intent is to foster a sense of sharing and community as each modeller addresses the same problems and shows what can be done to/with the same kit.
-- Other than the absolute requirement to have the same kit, there are no limits - aftermarket details and decals may be used, modifications may be made, etc … it's your model, do what you wish.
-- SKGB are usually 4-6 weeks long - at the GBL's discretion - depending on the size/complexity of the kit.

Single-Subject GB (SSGB)
-- The next most focused after an SKGB is the SSGB which allows any kit/scale of a specific subject. If the subject is itself broad in scope, for example a Spitfire or a Sherman, it should be refined to specific mark or marks, a specific time period, theater of operations, etc.
-- Other than the requirement to model the selected subject, there are no limits - aftermarket details and decals may be used, modifications may be made, etc … it's your model, do what you wish.
-- SSGB are usually 4-6 weeks long - at the GBL's discretion - depending on the size/complexity of the subject/kit.

Themed, General, or "Generic" GBs (AOGB = All Other) which allow for a wider range of subject, scale, or kit, however there still should be a focus to the GB.
Here are some examples:
-- Class of subject: Ship, Car, Armor, Sci-Fi, etc; but not "Aircraft".
-- Subject type/configuration: night-fighters, flying boats, racing cars, self-propelled guns, etc.
-- Markings or Country: Tiger Meet, RAAF, etc.
-- Historical event: Pearl Harbor, Kursk, Falklands, etc.
-- Modelling: Resin, Vacform, FROG kits, 1/144 scale, etc.
-- Imaginative: Mojo builders, fun themes, Dec/Jan "holiday" builds, etc - some of our best GBs have been these.
-- AOGB are usually 6-8 weeks long - at the GBL's discretion - depending on the size/complexity of the subject/kit.

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GB Procedures.

Each GB must have a Group Build Leader (GBL).
-- The GBL conceives of a GB, defines and proposes it, gathers participants, and then keeps the GB focused on its theme. The GBL is expected to actively promote, support, and encourage the group build, and individual builds, to completion.
-- There is no limit on number of proposals by any member, but that member must be the GBL (no surrogates) and may not GBL more than one (1) concurrently.
-- Enlisting an assistant GBL is recommended on larger GBs to provide support, cover unforeseen circumstances, and ensure coverage of different time zones.
-- If it appears that a proposer is not actively following through, any member may contact the GBC about taking over.

To propose a GB open a thread in the Group Build Chat, state the parameters of the proposed GB, to include the proposed time frame. Look at the calendar to see what GBs are already scheduled. Do some preliminary research to make a well-defined initial proposal.

The shorter the "flash to bang" time between a proposal and a start date the better chance to maintain interest - like fishing, feel the hit, set the hook. This is balanced by the time needed to get the word out, generate interest, allow prospective participants to acquire kits and/or modelling supplies, or the desire to build on/near a commemorative date. Trying to just work the calendar usually results in long lead times which tend to lose participants before it ever starts.

If there is enough interest then inform the GBC by PM of the proposed GB theme, the start & end dates, and a list of all members definitely signed up. Consider making the start date on a Saturday and the end date on a Sunday to take advantage of weekends. Assuming no conflicts or issues, the GBC will update the GB Calendar.

If, after a couple weeks, the proposed GB hasn't generated enough interest, let it go or propose a Shared Build.

Prior to the start date (usually a week, can be a day or two if needed), the GBC will create a forum with sticky threads for Chat, Completions Gallery, Prior Builds, and References as required. The GBL will be given Moderation permissions to the GB forum and is expected to keep a watch on the postings. Moderation should be with a light touch, and consultation with the GBC is expected. It is expected the GBL (and/or assistant) will login and check things at least once per day.

Once the forum is open, GB members may establish their own threads, post box-art and parts photos, start the general chit-chat, etc, before the official start date. It is preferred, but not required, that each modeller have their thread open and begin work on/near the official start date. People may join the GB after it has started.

Once a GB is organized, the GBL's job (other than finishing your own model) is three-fold and does not stop until the GB is over.
-- Keep the GB moving along - visit daily, encourage members, provide assistance, be visible and involved so the thing doesn't die out. Look for participants having problems, see if someone can help them. Don't bug participants daily about progress but if they go a week or two you might follow up. And remember, not finishing is not a stigma.
-- We like these to be learning experiences, so encourage participants to talk not just about what they did but more importantly, why. Encourage everyone, at the finish, whether they completed or not, to write up a summary post of what they got out of their build - what should have happened, what did happen, what did they learn, what skills will they work to sustain or improve.
-- Maintain decorum - see the various board FAQ about conduct, language, etc - having to do something is rare, but sometimes it crops up -- usually if some "experten" starts pawing the ground. You, as GBL, have some moderator tools available but if you have to use them, or think you might, contact the GBC.

Near the end of the GB, the GBL should encourage all participants to post final photos and provide a closing summary of their build. Two to three days after the end date, the GBL should advise the GBC that it is finished - the GB will be locked to further posts and moved to the Completed GB forum. "DNF" (did not finish) participants should open a continuation build thread in one of the other forums, with a link back-and-forth between that and the original GB thread to avoid the need for duplication.

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Responsible Polls: Running and Voting

Setting up a Poll.
   Think out your choices in an effort to cover all bases such as subject and GB timeframe. Consider how to best present the options to get a clear vote. If you would like suggestions, contact the GBC. It helps to open a simple thread for discussion and then once you have some feedback, convert the thread to a poll-thread to lock down the details.
-- Avoid incessant trolling polling every step of the way -- it is confusing and annoying.
-- Put a time-frame ("Run poll for") on the poll; two weeks is more than enough to gather the truly interested. If, by then, the proposed GB hasn't generated enough interest, let it go or attempt a Shared Build.
-- Check the "Allow re-voting" block; this allows members to move from "maybe" to "yes" or "no", or change month, etc - which means the vote tallies should better correspond to the message traffic as people change their minds.
-- A "No" option usually serves no purpose - not voting "for" is an implied vote against or better yet a simple desire to not participate. A "No, I've changed my mind" option may be useful for someone to record a change from "maybe" or "yes" to "no" (now unable to participate).

Poll Etiquette. It is custom on UAMF to add a post citing your vote(s) and preferably a reason therefore so all of us can see the votes and any comments as we all decide what to do with the results. This also match names to the required number of votes/participants.

Orphan Polls. Once a GB idea has been resolved, either by failing to start or being placed on the Calendar, then it would be great if the GBL would edit the first post to delete both the Poll and all the **Poll** messages in the title, maybe add "** On the Calendar **". That keeps the current, working polls visible. Thanks, because if you don't, I'll have to.

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